How to Move Epic Games With GameLink to a New PC Without Re-Downloading them from the Internet.

With this video you will watch how to use GameLink App to move your Epic Games games to a new gaming PC or install them to a different directory than the default location of Epic Games Laucher without re-download them from the internet.

This video covers the 2nd of the 2 functionalities GameLink App has. GameLink App is a frontend utility of embedded windows console MKLINK command, you can download it for free from here: 🔗 and you can use them from any place you extract them.

If you don't trust GameLink App you can use the embedded to windows 7 and later MKLINK console command (cmd) since it is frontend GUI utility of it and for this reason needs Admin Rights. You can read how to create symlinks with MKLINK command onRebelStreamers Blog that was the reason to create the GameLink App!

I made too many Symlinks and many mistaken Symlinks with MKLINK before deciding to create the GameLink Application!

In this video i choose to move Chivalry 2 from my main gaming PC to a Different Disk on a new streaming PC (D:) and not to (C:) where is the default location of Epic Games installed disk, but the procedure is exactly the same for (C:) for 2 reasons. Chivarly 2 takes 24 GB space and it is not a big game (we have seen recently games with much more than 100GB), it is not a small game either and it uses easyanticheat that means driver and service something that i was afraid that it will create problems but it didn't as you will see on this video.

If you want to move your Epic Games game to (C:) and not on (D:) you just watched on the video or any other Disk just replace the (D:) locations of the video with the equivalent locations and if your Epic Games launcher location is on (C:) skip the creation of GameLink. The Logic remains the same.

This method works on all gaming launchers not only on Epic Games launcher and ofc to all Programs except the OS programs but i choose an Epic Games game because the movement of Epic games is the most tricky of all and Epic Games themselves have create an article about moving their games to different directory but as you watched, i am not using their method on this video.

🔑This method works on all Games and Programs you have manual installed on your PC and i didn't accelerate the video to show you that in less than 10 minutes you can save 25 GB or much more by moving your games to different disks!

  1. Start the installation of your game in the New PC from inside Epic Games Launcher. video step
  2. When it is at the 1% exit the Epic Games Launcher just like you see on the video ( be sure is not running hidden inside taskbar). video step
  3. Copy the files inside the new Pending folder of .egstore and after you delete the old files inside the Used Pending folder paste and replace them with the New Pending files. video step
  4. After that, delete the whole new game's directory that the Epic Games launcher created. video step
  5. Now, we either move the old game folder in epic launcher's game location or you create a symbolic link to the default epic games game location with Gamelink app By Ticking the Small Box or the mklink.exe from console as administrator (both needs admin rights because mklink demands it) as you watched on this video. video step
  6. When you start Epic Launcher again it says install but since it has the new pending files it will verify the old files and it will update them if it is necessary. video step
  7. When it is finished play your game! video step

That's all Folks, Happy Gaming, Always!

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