What are the GameLink Apps, How to Use them and What to Do and Don't with them

The 3 GameLink executables inside the 64bit and the only inside the 32bit zip file are all portable programs (That means that there is no need to install them, Current State of May of 2024) and front-end Utilities of the embedded MKLINK command (a command line windows command).

The GameLink Console NoUAC.exe and its 32bit brother is what the name says. It opens a console that host the GUI app and it doesn't need elevated permissions. I created only for Educational Reasons to prove that the GameLink fails if not run as administrator.

The GameLink Console.exe is the main Program. It is the executable i want you use. It opens a console that host the GUI App and it needs elevated permissions to create the GameLink. Every message from the program passing its output in both the Colored Console (analytic messages) and GUI (limited messages).

The GameLink.exe is a typical Windows GUI Program and it is exactly like the GameLink Console.exe but without the Colored Console and it opens the RebelStreamers site and only when it closes. I created this way for those who want to support the streamers i am watching and ofc my work and if you don't like this behavior of the program delete/rename it or just use the GameLink Console.exe as GameLink.exe instead.

You can Download the last GameLink Apps for 64bit and 32bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the front-page of this Site or by pressing the below buttons

GameLink 64bit GameLink 32bit

The archived Versions of GameLink Apps haven't created yet but i am working on them...

Local image

I forced to make the 2 GameLink Apps run as Admin because MKLINK needs this functionality and the living proof of that is the 3rd GameLink App inside the zip files that doesn't need Admin rights. The 3rd GameLink App is copying the directory to the new location but it fails to create the Symlink that is necessary to make OS thinks that the folder never moved.

You can check the 2 zip files with all Anti-virus with Hybrid Analysis that is using both VirusTotal & MetaDefender sites to check the files with hash SHA256:

2694d4beb749cbaaa82f9c56026439a0b94c0a4c93897bf03e62336dd1378671 for 64bit zip file 95cb9e61378d92858186d40f26ada399c101ec1992bcb1d42697a9e934effcb2 for 32bit zip file

MetaDefender + VirusTiotal 64bit Check

MetaDefender + VirusTiotal 32bit Check

This is the direct link with all Hashes of the 64bit zip file and this link for the 32bit zip file

  1. Windows 7 Sp1 x64 and later . if your windows is not online, you should install the next 4 packages

  2. Servise Pack 1

  3. the msu package from KB4457144 ( Official KB4457144 Download Link )

  4. VC++ runtime libraries 2015 (Official VC++ 2015 Download Link)

  5. Dotnet 4.5.2 (Official Dotnet 4.5.2 Doanload Link)

All 3 links are still working today 5-1-2024, but if any of them is not online anymore, please inform me with the contact form inside the finds us to upload it somewhere.

All 3 GameLink.exe have 2 functionalities.

  • GameLink is creating a Symbolic Link of an existent Gaming or Any Folder to another DISK (they can do it to the same disk but is pointless) by moving the folder to another disk and replacing the place of it with a link that acts like the folder never moved. This way you can save hard disk space and money by using your old Hard Disks for Gaming Repository or Repository for your Programs without the need to uninstall them 😘.

    Select Game Folder. [Move From]: This is the Folder of our game or any other folder that we want to move Select Destination Folder. [Move To]: This is the new Folder or the Disk location we want our Game or any other Folder that we choosed from the first paragraph we want to move.

    I created a Video Guide to further help you on the Creation of Gamelinks by Moving the Games to New Drives.

  • Also, GameLink is Creating a Symbolic Link Without moving any folder (the Selection Box in the second line). i added this functionality in case the gaming or program folders changed path (rename of disk name) or you deleted the link and you want to create a new one without moving folders.

    Tick the small box and... Select Game Folder. [From]: For or From this Folder we will create a new Game Link in the next paragraph. With this option we are not moving any folder.

    Select Destination. [Gamelink]: We are choosing the folder we will place the new Game Link and it will point to the folder we choose in the 1st option.

    With this Video Guide you can learn and watch How to Move your Epic Games to New Gaming PC or re-create a GameLink without moving any folder.

Both Video Guides are in Real Time to prove that you can save 25 GB of Disk Space on C:\ Drive in less than 10 minutes without un-installing any Game or Program by just using GameLink!

Moving Time is Estimated and it depends on many factors (what programs are open if the destination is busy etc)

I didn't create a system that re-calculates the remaining time because i wanted the program to be released first and later maybe i will implement a system that will be more accurate.

(Update 2024. this time has come. When i finish the blog of GameLink Apps i will expand the functionality of GameLink).

Also, never close the window if it is still moving your folder. Better close other programs that keep busy your disks.

All 3 GameLink Apps have 3 available features.

  1. Run above all windows aka OnTop
  2. Moving them by Grabing them from any position and this feature makes the GUI Window controls unaccessary
  3. GUI Window Controls, enabled or disabled

The control point for these 3 features are 2 ini files that you can find in the same folder with them and you rebuild them with the Fix-Both-Settings-ini.bat file by double click on it and by letting the script rebuild them.

Of course you can edit with notepad or any editor and the options are 2. anything after : means True and nothing after : means False

The GameLink.exe is the typical window program that opens RebelStreamers.com when you close it and the GameLink Console.exe, GameLink Console NoUAC.exe are basically console programs that open a GUI instance of the program and they are not open any link after you close them but as you will see they both have multicolor output. i hope MS devs use it and like it and decide to expand further cmd.exe's functionality by adding better color support to it.

The GameLink.exe and GameLink Console.exe created to run with always as admin because the creation of Symbolic Link with MKLINK runs only as administrator and you can confirm this by running the 3rd executable and this why i added it ( GameLink Console NoUAC.exe => no symbolic link. it just moves folders and it fails to create the symlinks).

I repeat...

The GameLink Apps Do and Don't

These are the 7 rules you have to follow to not damage your Windows Operating System by using the GameLink Apps. Unfortunately the power of GameLink Apps can be proved a problem if you don't use them with wise. Also, you should understand that if you copy a GameLink you are not copying the Directory is referring if you use explorer to do this action but if you use a file manager like Total Commander it will copy the whole folder because it is copying files and folders recursively.

  1. Do not use them on the Windows System Folders like c:\Windows or c:\Program* (the root of any operating system program that its executable is running or it has a service that monitors it when the operating starts) or on the Microsoft Store's Folder c:\Program Files\WindowsApps or on User profiles. You will create unresolved problems and i am not responsible for any damage to your windows or program installations. Also, you can't create GameLink to UNC paths, but your GameLink can target a folder in a UNC path.

  2. Do not use them while the Gaming Launcher is updating or running a game (Epic Launcher, GoG, Origin, Uplay etc). you will damage the Gaming Folder installation.

  3. You can safe use them when the gaming launcher is running and is not updating or running the game you want to create a gaming link. I tested in many games and nothing failed or created a problem to game's installation.

  4. You can safe using them when a program is not running and it has not a service that is monitoring it (like the vga,sound,mouse etc installation). If you are not sure what i mean better don't move anything from inside any system's folders!.

  5. You can safe use them to Folders that you are using to store files (music, videos, streams etc) or even the whole game launcher folder but as i said before never move any folder if any of its executables are running. first close them and after use this utility!

  6. You can safe see the contents of the FORBIDDEN for administrators in Windows 10 folder [WindowsApps] in Program Files (this is where Microsoft Store installs its programs or inside the the Hidden of an Windows Image Backup BUT DON'T USE GameLink on them. It needs more actions to be moved and i didn't created GameLink.exe for these special windows 10 folders. Again, Don't Use GameLink on WindowsApps Folder or Windows Image Backup and their contents. You will damage the Operating System.!!! See, but don't touch please.

  7. Generally speaking be careful what you are moving or creating GameLink on the System Directories and on Root of C:\ Drive !!!

That's all folks, Happy Gaming Always!!!

How to verify zip file in Windows with Win 7, Win 10 embedded utility:

The quickest way to verify your Downloads is to check if the SHA256 Hash of the zip files from the Anti-virus Checks matches, but if you want do it manually follow the next method.

Navigate with Windows Explorer to the downloaded file location. With shift keyboard key press the right click of your mouse while your mouse pointer is inside the extracted folder and choose [Open Command Window Here] or [Open Powercell Window Here] if you have changed it. After that, type inside the window that opens this command:

    certutil -hashfile GameLink.zip SHA256

or for the Executable

    certutil -hashfile GameLink.exe SHA256

it will generate a number. This number should be the same as the SHA256 Signature from the GameLink zip files Hashes. You can use the same command for all the available hashes inside the Hashes File from the links above by changing the name of the signature type.

p.s. Also, i tested GameLink in Wine and i am happy to report that it works, but i will not say more about this now since i want to create an article with pictures too!